Guidelines for requesting a letter of recommendation

I am happy to write letters of recommendation for students I know and recognize.

If you anticipate requesting a letter of recommendation, please put forth a strong effort to make yourself known to me as a student.

This includes doing things like:

  • Sitting near the front of the classroom, being engaged, and actively participating in class
  • Visiting me during office hours:
    • To ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the material. This demonstrates your curiosity and drive to learn.
    • To ask for help with homework. This demonstrates your willingness to work hard and overcome obstacles.
    • To share about your ambitions, goals, or other interests.
    • When you make a visit in office hours, be sure to introduce yourself by name. You may need to do this several times until I begin to say hello to you by name.
  • Actively participating in class discussion forums (not anonymously) to show your ability to explain concepts and help others.

When making your request, please do it in person. If I agree to write your letter of recommendation, please send me an email with the following materials:

  • Printout or screen-capture of the grades you earned in my classes from CCLE
  • Current UCLA transcript (unofficial is fine)
  • Resume
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile, or a current picture of yourself
  • Any other information you believe will be useful for writing a letter