My name is Miles Chen. I am a lecturer in the Department of Statistics at UCLA, where I also completed my PhD in statistics in 2015.

I Love Statistics

As an undergraduate student, I studied Industrial Engineering. It was a really fun subject, and I had to take several statistics courses. Those classes ended up being my favorites. [Thank you Prof Lin and Prof Chakravarthy!]

After spending a few years in industry working as an industrial engineer and project manager, I decided to return to graduate school to pursue my PhD in statistics. After a long journey, I completed my PhD under the direction of Professor Peter Bentler. My dissertation is titled: "Identifying DIF for Latent Classes with the Dirichlet Process." It focusses on a statistics application in psychology, namely Item Response Theory.

As a graduate student, I developed a passion for teaching. Being able to teach statistics at UCLA is a dream come true. I am humbled and grateful.

I hope anyone who takes a statistics course will learn to love statistics too.

Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. - Psalm 103:1

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